We firmly believe that freedom of expression and zeal for new horizons are as
important as the need for discipline with a strong sense of duty towards the motherland
and its people. So we aim to develop both the mind and the body of the child which will
lead to his/her all round development.

We believe that each child is a wholesome individual with his own traits of personality
and we aim to bring out all that is best in the child so as to give him/her a competitive
edge in order to excel and find a place for himself/herself in the society.

It will be our endeavour to arouse the aesthetic sense in children and inculcate habits
of personal and social hygiene so important for a healthy and happy life.

To provide an environment in which the children can develop their abilities and skills
so as to become a strong and confident lot who would be able to cope with the rapidly
changing world and also have reverence for country's rich heritage.
(Association of Educationists and Administrators from Public School Streams and Rich Exposure)
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