(Association of Educationists and Administrators from Public School Streams and Rich Exposure)
Children's Education Trust & Management Society of India is a non-profit, non-
government philanthropic organization, committed to education, promotion of art and
culture and also undertakes program for less privileged. Its members and well-wishers
are educationist and educators from all walks of life.

Children's Education Trust promotes Education Awareness Program and spread
awareness about the importance of School Level Competitive Examination through All
India Talent Search Examination.

Children's Education Trust alleviates educational inequity by Student Assessment
Initiatives :
  • Identifying and promoting young talent through All India Talent Search
    Examination   and  give them Awards / Cash Awards, Scholarships, etc from it's
    International Children's Equity Fund (INCEF).
  • Financial Assistance to the less Privileged Students.

Children's Education Trust is trying to provide School Students with an opportunity to
assess their strengths and weaknesses in key academic areas via All India Talent
Search Examination, which uncovers hidden Talents of School Students of Grade 5th to
12th. Award them Certificate of Brilliance form International Children's Equity Fund
(INCEF) and support their Education
All India Talent Search Examination
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